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We are two sisters from São Paulo who love an adventure or a trip. It's great to travel and meet different places and people. Since Marina was born, mom has been recording our trips in this diary and has some tips for anyone who wants to travel. Everything with a "Q" of adventure, no packages, no resorts, no luxury or relaxation. The thing is to explore a lot and spend energy!

I'm Marina, I was born in São Paulo, on September 10, 2011. I'm the older sister, the one with goldilocks. My sister Betina, the suspicious brunette in the photo on the right, is also from São Paulo, born on November 15, 2013. We love adventures and practice different sports, and extreme sports, in particular, we try to include in our travel activities. We have Bahian origins from our mother and Italian origins from our father, our Italian passport makes our travels much easier, but it is our Bahian blood that moves us around the world! We are curious, independent and fearless. Call us to travel and we’ll go with you!

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I hope you have fun!

Marina and Betina

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